Geosphere Technologies, Inc. and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), in coordination with DENR-Environmental Management Bureau have recently concluded the Enabling Activities Project funded under the Multilateral Fund. The Public Consultation and Closing Ceremony was held on 26 April 2022 at Luxent Hotel, Quezon City.

The project’s objective is to facilitate and support the early ratification of the Kigali Amendment as well as country-specific activities and national strategies to fulfill the Phase-down of Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in the Philippines. Geosphere have presented to the stakeholders, such as: refrigerant importers, local manufacturing companies, national associations for RAC technicians, Mechanical Engineers, and other National Government Agencies – the Roadmap on the Implementation of the Kigali Amendment and the study for possible Energy Efficiency Opportunities in the RAC Sector.

The report indicated that there will be different scenarios our country might encounter but it is more probable that the shifting of HFC to a better alternative will quite be of market driven factor once the manufacturers stops its production of HFC, supply for HFC will decline while its demand shall rise. This will result to a more expensive HFCs and the manufacturers of equipment using HFC will be more inclined to shift their production in using available alternatives. The report also states that there are available alternatives to HFCs that are present in the Philippine market like: R-290, Ammonia, CO2, and Hydro Fluoro Olefins (HFOs), that has significantly low Global Warming Potential as compared to HFCs.

EMB Assistant Director, Engr. Vizminda A. Osorio, has congratulated Geosphere for a job well done on their comprehensive study on HFC Phase-down in Philippine setting. This is a very useful tool for the Philippine Government in formulating our National Action Plan on the Phase-down of HFCs, once the Kigali Amendment is officially ratified. “The completion of the Enabling Activity Project toward the ratification of the Kigali Amendment will be a commencement of our commitment to a safer environment with the Phase-down of HFCs in the Philippines”, EMB Director, Engr. William Cuñado said.

Since 2019, the Philippines has been on the road to ratifying and becoming a party to the Kigali Amendment. With these developments the Philippines will be able to access both technical and financial aides in implementing the international convention in the country. Let this completion of the Philippine Enabling Activities Project towards the ratification of the Kigali Amendment be the commencement of our commitment to a safer environment by phasing down HFCs in the Philippines.

With this development the Philippines can achieve zero emission of ODS and HFCs in compliance to the Montreal Protocol and its Kigali Amend that aims to prevent 0.5oC rise of global climate, while protecting the ozone layer.