This June, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources-Environmental Management Bureau Central Office-Philippine Ozone Desk honors the celebration of Philippines World Refrigeration Day on June 26, 2023, with a focus on this year’s theme “#NextGenCooling in our Hands”.

As a tropical country, the Philippines heavily relies on cooling technologies to ensure comfort, preserve vital resources, and support various industries. However, traditional cooling methods have presented environmental challenges. But fear not, because the Philippines is committed to embracing sustainable solutions and innovative cooling technologies that prioritize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

Next-generation cooling solutions have become paramount, emphasizing energy efficiency and reducing our environmental footprint while delivering optimal cooling performance. With advancements like variable speed compressors, advanced insulation materials, and intelligent cooling systems, we can achieve substantial energy savings and contribute to a greener future.

Moreover, the Philippines is proud to embrace natural refrigerants like hydrocarbons, ammonia, and carbon dioxide, further reducing our impact on the environment. By integrating smart and connected technologies, such as AI, IoT devices, and data analytics, our next-gen cooling systems adapt to changing conditions, optimize energy consumption, and minimize waste.

Recognizing the urgency of addressing climate change challenges, the Philippines understands the importance of adopting next-generation cooling solutions. We have witnessed the adverse impacts of intense typhoons and variable rainfall patterns, affecting food security and population safety. By actively pursuing energy-efficient and eco-friendly cooling technologies, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance food security, and promote the well-being of our citizens. Together, we contribute to global sustainability efforts and set an example for a greener, more resilient world.

Join us in celebrating #WorldRefrigerationDay and the power of #NextGenCoolingInOurHands! Let’s build a sustainable future for all.